Should I pay a non-refundable deposit? Having recently spent a month negotiating the terms of a non-refundable deposit (also known as lockout agreements & initial deposits), I wanted to share the experience with you. NRD’s can be complex, and time-consuming to arrange, where some would argue that the time is better spent on progressing the […]

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Starter Homes Underway

Gavin Barwell, Minister of State for housing, has announced that the first of thousands of new Starter Homes will be built on brownfield sites across the country this year. Starter homes are new homes built for first-time buyers between 23 and 40 years old, sold at least 20% below market value. The maximum price after […]

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Opportunity in an Uncertain Market

Uncertainty can be the catalyst for opportunity, especially for those savvy enough to see through the various externalities that the UK faces in an uncertain global economic climate. Property professionals across the UK are urging the wider economy to focus on the positive opportunities that Brexit presents. With 28% of UK commercial real estate investments […]

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